It has been some time since psychology changed its approaches.

From considering mainly psychological disorders and deleterious changes in the functioning of mental processes, she moved on to proposing directions for research and interventions that lead to the improvement of human potential.  Medicines and supplements known as Nootropics for humans represent a breakthrough in neuroscience and psychopharmacology.


The idea that makes nootropics so promising is simple: they can give us the ability to improve our cognitive performance by taking a dose, without significant side effects.


What are nootropics?

This concept has come to us since 1972 from the chemist and psychologist.  However, the meaning of the term has evolved over time.


Just because the term nootropic is confusing and broad doesn't mean there isn't a rough definition.  In short, nootropics are a heterogeneous collection of synthetic drugs and supplements that have shown promising results when taken in certain doses.  It is about improving the functioning of certain brain functions associated with cognition, that is, mental processes associated with memory, intelligence, attention management and creativity.


Thus, nootropics may be helpful in improving the performance and mental alertness needed to tackle complex and difficult tasks, but they may also play a role in preventing cognitive decline.


A nootropic is not synonymous with a psychostimulant.


It should be borne in mind that nootropics are not just psychostimulants, as they are also characterized by the fact that they cause almost no adverse side effects or chemical dependence, and taking an adequate dose does not become an immediate threat to the health of those who take them.


This distinguishes them from synthetic stimulants.


Therefore, they are also known as "cognitive drugs" or smart drugs.  But they do not harm health, but rather improve it.

Not all nootropics are drugs

It is also worth keeping in mind that there are nootropics and substances that are not considered drugs.  The difference between them is that drugs are subject to medical indications and are sold in pharmacies, while the rest can be purchased at various stores, from herbalists, etc.

These are the features of nootropics.



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